were Kelly Pickler and Kid Rock dating

mercredi 1 juillet 2009

Who knew that Kelly Pickler and Kid Rock were dating?

Apparently everyone in Nashville.

But to the rest of us it was news. The former American Idol contestant and the rock star hooked up over a year ago.

Why is it that I actually see this one working out? In my opinion Kid’s moving on to Kellie after that whole ridiculous marriage to Pamela ‘Monster-Vag’ Anderson is a good thing. And an upgrade. Even though she is easy to make fun of, and yes, I have done it a few times, I think Kellie is a sweet girl who isn’t all about being an attention whore. She’s likable. That girl next door that you want to hate because she’s so cute, but you can’t because she is so nice.

As for Kid Rock, well, he’s a rebel but I think he is still pretty grounded. He doesn’t have that “rockstar” complex, like so many have. So that immediately makes him cool in my book.

So, this one gets my blessing!